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 Jafar Jafari is a coach, mentor, truth-seeker, and entrepreneur. He runs two highly successful companies: PSC Academy, Inc.  Jafar, known by his nickname Master Jeff, has had over twenty years of experience in training people to tap into what he calls "The Zone." This core belief lies on the premise that everyone has access to a version of themselves that is void of fear, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. This revolutionary program has helped over 100,000 students become their absolute and optimal best and fulfill their goals and dreams.

 His entrepreneurial genius and work ethic have been vital to his success. As a result, many people have benefitted from Jafar's work and programs. His master program is a forty-eight-hour training intensive that has transformed negative mindsets and positively affected the trajectories and destinies of thousands upon thousands of his students.

Apart from his training programs, the life coach and mentor also holds a masterclass for aspiring coaches. Jafar "Master Jeff" Jafari has trained over 5,000 coaches in his lifetime and helped them level up their life coaching businesses many times over. He currently ranks under the Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow list by Yahoo and New York Wire, one of the top ten entrepreneurs of Yahoo Finance in 2021. He has advised Forbes' Top 6 Advice from Entrepreneurs column. Jafar has coached, and trained people from all walks of life and helped people professionally, personally, and even spiritually.


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